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I was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Hyde Park. I was first exposed to the world of art by my two ridiculously talented parents. One a painter, and the other a photographer...oh yeah, and also my super awesome grandma who gave me a bunch of comic books every time I went to see my grandparents.

All those comic books eventually made me decide that I wanted to make a living drawring and attended college at the American Academy of Art in downtown Chicago.

Eventually, I obtained my Degree in Illustration. and after college I helped form Circle Studios. An independent comic book publishing company. Partly because traditional illustration was becoming more and more difficult to maintain a career in thanks to "desktop publishing".

Circle Studios eventually produced it's first full color title "The Book of Thoth", and I was tasked with the role of Assistant Editor and began producing the company's advertising as well.

In 1996, Circle Studios began producing it's second title "Whispers", which I illustrated and assisted in the coloring process. Even though I was gaining a great deal of experience, self publishing was not producing a ton of money, so I took the design skills I had learned and landeda job at Condon and Randis Advertising Arts as a production artist and Graphic Designer. I focused the rest of my artistic energy into getting Circle Studios books picked up by a major publishing company.

In 1998, I began working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, having gained skills both working for a well established agency and my endeavors with Circle Studios.

Eventually my experince was not landing me enough work, and In order to make myself more desirable to employers, I returned to The American Academy of Art in 2007 to obtain my Bachelors in Graphic Design.

The next couple of years flew by,and right before graduating I washired by Playboy Enterprises in their fantastic Internship program right here in Chicago. (Mainly because I didn't sleep for two days so that I could build a revamped presentable website to show off my work to them and knock theirsocks off).

I worked in Playboy's licensing department for six months, and got the opportunity to work with some great people, work on some great projects and see one of the most stunning oversizedphotos of Marilyn Monroe ever (it wasn't nude in case your wondering).

Presently, I reside in Rogers Park, continuing my career as a freelance designer and illustrator, with my awesome girlfriend Becky and our two ridiculous tuxedo cats.